Field Trips

Come Home To a Well-Trained Dog

Our in-home or in public field trip program provides the most convenient path available to a well-trained dog. After establishing a training plan with you in private lessons, field trips are a supplementary service where we come to your home and pick up your dog, practice training with your dog for you, even while you’re at work! (we’re licensed, insured, and have references!)

How Does It Work?

  • We Pick Your Brain: In our lessons we’ll determine your priorities, and design a custom training plan to meet your needs.

  • Our Contract: Together, we write up a training plan that details exactly what to expect of the process and your dog’s behavior so that we all know what your goals are. You’ll be given access to pictures and videos from every session in a Google Drive!

  • Let Us Do The Work: We'll train your dog, either in your home or take them with us to practice in public, up to 2 days each week. You’re welcome to watch if you’re home, but we don’t involve you much. Most of our clients are at work during these sessions.

  • We Train You: Biweekly, we’ll do a lesson just for you and your household. It’s your turn to train to maintain and build upon what we taught your dog!

In-Home Dog Training Gives You

  • One-on-one Attention

  • Training where you need it most: in real world situations.

  • Training plans customized to meet your needs

Field Trips are Particularly Beneficial For

  • Working settling and urban dog skills in new public places

  • Teaching dogs to walk politely on-leash in your neighborhood

  • Puppy exposure and socialization opportunities

  • Working on manners inside and outside the home

  • Expanding reactive dogs to new places and experiences

Why Does It Work So Fast?

In-home day training works so quickly because both you and your dog get to learn with a partner who knows what they’re doing. Dog training is largely a mechanical skill. When a novice owner and an untrained dog work together, they tend to confuse each other. With field trips, your dog gets to learn from an expert trainer, who can guide him past any mistake so that he learns very quickly. When it’s your turn to learn the exercises, you get the benefit of working with a dog who already knows what to do. It makes learning faster, easier, and more fun for both of you!


  • Manners: $60 a session

  • Specialty: $70 a session